Hamish Macdonald


I describe my images as land-, sky- and water-scape, although more often than not the places would not be identifiable in terms of landmarks or significant features. My focus is on atmosphere and, at a more personal level, with evocations of emotion and latent memory. I hope my work to impart flickers of these elements to the viewer - they are not meant to be solemn metaphors of experience or overly reverential icons to Romanticist ideals. Often my pictures have a connection to passages of music, particular lyrics or words and I like to link and acknowledge these through captions and titles.

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Crisis (Exhibition: [v]erge)


Hamish Macdonald was born in Melbourne in 1963. Since 2001 he has been a self-employed photographer and graphic designer.

After several early career incarnations, he emerged from the University of Auckland with a BFA in photography and went straight into a ten year stint as photographer at the Department of Anthropology (University of Auckland), which enabled some adventures around the Pacific, recording archaeological sites and ethnographic projects.

Still working in archaeological spheres, his freelance livelihood is also centred around publication and web design. He enjoys a rural existence, which also contributes heavily to his personal photography.

Decades 2


Solo Exhibitions
2001 - Saudade, Lopdell House Gallery, Auckland (reviewed NZ Herald).
2001 - Cooper's Creek Vineyard, Auckland.
1992 - Communicado House, Auckland.
1991 - ASA Gallery, Auckland.

Group Exhibitions
2008 - PhotoForum members' exhibition, The Digital Darkroom, Auckland.
1998 - Alteration, Soliloquy Gallery, Auckland.
1990 - Elam photographers, Claybrook Gallery, Auckland.
1989 - Elam photographers, OutReach Gallery, Auckland.

Web Exhibitions
2008 - PhotoForum members' gallery
1997 - TROUT: A South Pacific Journal of Arts

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